Houston Fence Building Codes

Fence Building Codes and Regulations in the Houston Metro

Throughout the Houston area, homeowners are constantly looking for ways to make improvements to their homes and properties. Among the most common projects are fences. A beautiful, well-designed and expertly installed fence adds value to any residential property, and helps ensure privacy and security for the home. Perimeter enclosures are among the most popular home improvements due to their affordability, quick installation and dramatic impact on any home’s curb appeal. That’s why so many local contractors specialize in fence installation, and why so many handy homeowners prefer to do it themselves. In Houston, itself, and in all the many suburbs surrounding the city, rules and regulations regarding materials and installations vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

At the planning stage, it’s important to discover what your city or other jurisdiction requires. Unfortunately, even in this age of instant internet access to information, it can be very difficult to find details about what materials, designs, heights and other options are allowed. Do you need a building permit? Are there fees for the permit? Where can you build a fence on your property? In most cities, the local building department can answer all your questions, but in the early stages of planning, it’s useful to have a quick source to help you get started in thinking about this new addition to your yard. That’s why this website exists. We’ve done all that research for you, and present it to you, city by city, in a format that’s easy to understand and access. We’ll be expanding this website on a regular basis to include more and more cities and communities in the greater Houston metro area. You’ll find all the information you need and every detail to help you with the planning process.

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We want homeowners in the Houston metro area to have accurate, useful information to help them make their very best decisions before committing to their project. You may see advertisements on this website from local building contractors who specialize in fence projects in your city or community. Those ads help us defray the cost of providing this essential information to you. We encourage you to carefully evaluate and compare contractors before making any decision. Ads on this website do not necessarily mean that we recommend that contractor. Our primary goal is to help you get the facts you need about fence codes, ordinances, regulations and rules in the Houston metro area.

Fence Rules, Permits, Regulations and Ordinances are Always Subject to Change

Individual pages on this website present summaries of codes and regulations for individual cities and communities. They are only a guide to this information. At any time, a city or jurisdiction may change their rules and permit requirements. Before beginning any project, you should contact your city’s building or planning department to make sure your plan meets current requirements. Local contractors, too, can help you ensure compliance with specific rules in special districts or homeowners’ associations. While we’ve made every effort to present accurate information, this website is only a guide to help you research the rules and codes for each city included on the website.