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We have designed this website to serve homeowners and property owners in the Greater Houston Metro area. When they are thinking about installing a fence on their property, they will find this website to learn about regulations, codes, building permits and more. Visitors to this website are actively considering a fence installation. We offer detailed information to help answer their questions as a public service.

If your company is a fence contractor or building supply company in the Houston Metro Area, targeted advertising on this site will reach highly-motivated consumers who are ready to build fence projects. Our landing pages target homeowners and property owners in specific cities in the area. We will be adding additional city pages regularly, with the intention of having landing pages for every suburban city in the region. Our other fence-related information pages are also location specific for the Houston area and will attract potential fence customers.

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We have designed this website to be an easy-to-find resource about fence codes, ordinances, rules, regulations and building permits in the greater Houston area. We want to help homeowners and residential property owners find the information they need about fence requirements in their own cities. We understand that this information can be difficult to access, so we’ve researched it and summarized it in a simple format that is easy to understand. We welcome all visitors to our website, and strive to provide accurate, up-to-date information that helps them make informed decisions about their projects. If you find any errors on these pages, please contact us about them and we’ll make corrections promptly. As we add new cities to our site, we hope to serve all communities near Houston with accurate reliable information.