Houston Fence Building Codes

How Much Does a Fence Cost in the Houston, TX Metro Area?

Every fence installer we have ever talked to says that the very first question their customers ask is, “How much is this fence going to cost?” That’s a natural question, since investing in improvements for a home can be expensive. Surrounding a property with a beautiful, strong fence isn’t one of the costliest improvements you can make, but controlling the cost is always important. The total price you’ll pay for your completed project isn’t easy to determine, and depends on many factors. The decisions you make in several areas will influence the final price. Our list below of individual variables can help you make choices in each area that will save money on the total price.

Consider All Options to Help You Match Costs with Your Budget

At the planning stage, give some thought to how much your budget allows. Typical contractor-installed fences, including installation, start at a minimum of about $20 per lineal foot, and go up from there. If you know the total length of the project, you can begin with some idea of how much you’re willing to spend. Then, contact local companies to discuss materials and other factors. They’ll be happy to give you free estimates for all options, so you can work within your budget. If you opt to build the project yourself, of course, the total price will be lower, and you can compare costs for materials at local building supply companies. The more flexible you are, the better able you’ll be to keep it within your budget.