Houston Fence Building Codes

Frequently Asked Questions about Fence Installation in the Houston Area

Our easy-to-follow guide to codes and regulations about fences in Houston and its suburban communities is designed to help you understand those ordinances and rules. We’ve presented hard to find information in a simple format. However, you may still have some questions about terminology and other factors that might affect your plans. For some of the most commonly-asked questions, you’ll find answers in plain language on this page. If you have other questions, your best resource is the building, planning or community development department in your city. You can find contact information on each of our city pages. The officials there will be happy to answer your questions and help you follow best practices. When you consult with a Houston fence company, you’ll be able to get answers then, as well.

Consult Your Local Building Department Any Time You Have Fence Questions

If you have any questions that aren’t answered on this website, accurate answers are always available at your city’s building department, your HOA office if you lived in a planned development, or from local fence contractors. You can find phone numbers and website addresses for building authorities on the page for each city on this website. The people who work there are always happy to answer questions from residents. That’s their job. They want you to have correct information so you can follow all applicable codes and regulations. Local fence installation companies, too, are familiar with the rules in your area, and will be glad to help you understand those building codes and ordinances. If you have questions about DIY construction and installation, this website is a great starting point.