Houston Fence Building Codes

Fence Codes and Ordinances for Kingwood, TX

Kingwood, a northeastern community that is actually a part of the City of Houston, began as a master-planned city in 1971. Today, it has a population over 80,000 and was annexed by Houston in 1996, becoming a community within that city and under its jurisdiction. Most homes in Kingwood are in the 25 villages that make up the community. Each village is governed by a homeowners’ association. Although building permits and other official matters are handled by the City of Houston, fence projects are controlled by each HOA in each village. This makes fence projects more complicated for homeowners. For homes and other residential properties in Kingwood that are not part of one of the 25 villages, such projects are subject to the simple Fence Codes of Houston, itself.

If you live in Kingwood, your home is probably within one of the HOA-controlled villages. Two property management companies handle HOA issues for most of those villages. Before planning any home improvement project, you’ll need to consult the HOA for your village and check your deed restrictions and covenants. Most of the rules for fences are similar in all the villages, though, so the basic information below should help you think about your project. As with all homeowners’ association rules, the limitations and restrictions on construction projects are designed to promote uniformity and to maintain property values for all homes. Before getting serious about your plans, it’s important to check with your HOA to learn its requirements.

General Requirements for Residential Fences

Specific Rules and Restrictions

Building Fences in Kingwood, TX Villages Requires HOA Approval

Since almost all homes in this part of Houston are in named villages that are governed by a homeowners’ association, fence projects must be comply with the deed covenants and restrictions of that HOA. Although those rules restrict what you can build and where, they are common-sense requirements designed to protect property values and enhance the appearance of the community. Before thinking about your project, you should visit the website for your village and examine the covenants and restrictions in the HOA documents. The link above will lead you to those websites. Most homeowners in these villages hire contractors to install their fences, and local contractors with experience in Kingwood understand the requirements and can help you with design and materials selections. Ask neighbors and your HOA office for recommendations.