Houston Fence Building Codes

Popular Fence Styles and Materials for the Houston Metro, TX

For all types of residential properties, a wide variety of materials and designs are available. Homeowners and rental property owners have almost unlimited choices when they are planning for a new or replacement fence. You can get an idea of available options at home supply centers, on fence companies’ websites, and by looking at already-installed fences in your neighborhood and surrounding areas. Your choices will have a significant impact on the cost of your project, and will also affect how your fence fits into the neighborhood and enhances your property. Fence installation companies will be happy to show you a wide range of materials and designs they have available in a free consultation, once you have narrowed down your choices.

You can consult the fence codes and ordinances on the pages of this website, as well, to make sure your choice is compatible with local rules. If you live in a development that is governed by a homeowners’ association, your options may also be limited by covenants and restrictions. Keep in mind that it will be part of your property for many years, and may require maintenance to keep it looking its best. Your choices may also be affected by your budget. If your first choice is too costly, being flexible will make it easy to scale down the cost, while still achieving your goals. The information below should give you additional ideas as you begin to planning.

Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum, Steel and Chain Link Fencing in Greater Houston, TX

Whatever materials you choose for your new or replacement fence, you have many options to consider during the planning phase of your project. Before deciding on a material, check the codes and regulations for your city on this website. Then look around your neighborhood and talk to your neighbors about your plans. Check your budget and get estimates from more than one contractor for your project. There’s no need to rush your decision. Take your time and make the choice that works best for you, your home, and your budget. The choice you make today will be in place for many years to come, so consider all your options before committing.