Houston Fence Building Codes

Fence Codes and Regulations for Tomball, TX

Tomball is a small city, located northeast of Houston, and is typical of communities in that area near the city. Tomball, a family-friendly community, has a population of about 10,000 within the city limits. Like most smaller communities, it puts few restrictions on residential fences, and requires no building permit for most projects. Instead, it relies on residents to build with typical fencing materials and to create attractive yard enclosures that are in keeping with nearby properties. Some rules apply to fences in front yards, and setback rules exist for corner lots, but other design factors are up to individual home and property owners. You can find the basic requirements and restrictions below that apply to most residential lots in the city.

For those homes that are in subdivisions governed by a homeowners’ association, rules for home improvements may be different. Deed restrictions and covenants, along with association rules, are designed to maintain uniformity of design and quality of materials and construction in these developments. Before beginning planning in such subdivisions, it’s essential to consult with the HOA office to examine a copy of the current documents. Following HOA guidelines for your installation is important and works to preserve the unique standards in your community and preserve property values for the entire subdivision. Developments outside of the city limits of Tomball, too, may also have an HOA which has fence rules and guidelines.

General Requirements for Residential Fences

Specific Rules and Restrictions

Planning and Building a High-Quality Fence Project in Tomball, TX

Like most smaller communities in the Greater Houston metro area, Tomball doesn’t put a lot of obstacles in the way of homeowners who want to build a new fence or replace an existing one. That freedom is all part of the Texas way of doing things. Still, almost all homeowners want to keep their home improvements in line with what their neighbors are doing. Before committing to a design and materials, it’s always best to discuss your ideas with neighboring property owners and to make your project an asset for the neighborhood. That’s the best way to increase your property value and maintain good relationships with your neighbors. Most Tomball homeowners opt to hire a contractor to build their projects. That’s assures you of a high-quality result, and you’ll have access to the widest range of materials. Get free consultations and price quotes from at least two local contractors, so you can make comparisons and make your best choice.