Houston Fence Building Codes

Fence Codes and Ordinances for The Woodlands, TX

The Woodlands, with a population of about 108,000, is a carefully-planned community, made up of several villages. Located north of Houston, it is one of the area’s most popular residential suburbs. As with many master-planned communities, all properties in The Woodlands are governed by associations that have strict guidelines for all construction projects. Each village may have different standards for fences, which must be followed by property owners. The reason for this is to maintain community values and appearance for all homes in the area. If you own a home in The Woodlands, you’re probably already familiar with and understand how those standards keep The Woodlands beautiful and safe, while protecting property values through exacting standards.

In most cases, homeowners in this development choose to hire local professional installers when they want a new or replacement fence. Those companies are intimately familiar with the local requirements and building codes, and can show you designs and options that ensure that your fence will be approved and accepted by your neighbors and will fit into the look of your neighborhood and community. Still, as you begin planning, you will want to understand the basics of what is allowed and required. The information below will give you the basic information you need to get started.

General Requirements for Residential Fences

Specific Rules and Restrictions

Complying with Fence Building Codes and Regulations – The Woodlands, TX

Due to the complexity and strictness of codes and rules, fences in The Woodlands are almost always built by local contractors who know the rules and ordinances. You can get contractor recommendations from neighbors or contact The Woodlands Covenant Administration office for a list of installers who have specific knowledge of requirements and restrictions within the community. Living in any of the villages in The Woodlands is enhanced by the standards that are enforced within this well-planned community. All regulations are designed to maintain those standards, which are shared by property owners. Your fence is sure to improve the value of your property if you stick to the established designs and exacting regulations for such projects.